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Postpartum Care
C-section scar healing

Starter package: $465

Includes:  3x sessions, with consultation, abdominal massage with myo-facial release techniques for scar tissue, scar healing balm, bush flower essences and a personalised yin yoga sequence you can do daily at home.


My passion as a practitioner is in supporting women who have had a c-section in their recovery post-surgery; whether it be an emergency or selective procedure. 

My approach to empowerment, freedom of choice and sovereignty in birthing is fierce and true. Ask anyone who has that conversation with me.

Freedom of choice without judgement of how a person chooses to birth, or outcome of their experience is the bottom line of where we are at in these modern times.


I offer a hands on, multi layered wholistic approach to healing postpartum and c-section scar tissue through:

Naturopathy. Herbal, Nutritional and Energetic medicine. Myofascial therapy- Massage Therapy. Doula. Yin yoga teacher- breathe and personalised yin yoga techniques.



Time frame:

We recommend the most beneficial time for treatment of your scar is between

6month to 2 years.

However, benefits can be felt between 2-10 years.


Experienced physical complications post c-section:

It can affect your breathing, your bowel movements, your pelvic floor function.
The development of scar tissue can cause pain, discomfort, limited range of motion, changes to sensation, heat, swelling, and sometimes distortion to the skin and surrounding structures.


Experienced emotional complications post c-section:

Overwhelmed, grief, self-sabotage, self-judgment, frustrated, short changed, disempowered, stressed, trapped. Having to do things you didn’t want to do, lose of free will

What you will experience during treatment:

Gentle myofascial techniques, breathwork, and manual therapy can help the scar and surrounding fascia to release, regardless of its age.

Other beneficial treatment recommended and offered:

self-massage, specific exercise, scar healing balm and Yin yoga postures.


Benefits /Outcome:

The treatment of a c-section is essential to improve both the appearance of the scar and reduce adhesions in underlying tissue and influence other areas of your body.


About C-sections:

C-section is considered major abdominal surgery and sometimes can have unseen effect on our bodies if left untreated.

The procedure requires the incision of ~7 layers of tissue to include skin, connective tissue, fascia, fat, abdominal muscle and organ (uterus). As a result of this incision, wound adhesions often occur between these layers. 
Adhesions can create a variety of symptoms such as pain, tension/pulling, muscle inhibition (inactivation), core dysfunction, weakness, referred pain in low back/hips, painful sex, and pelvic floor dysfunction. The incision itself can also result in numbness on and around the incision. 

It is really important to understand what a c-section surgery involves.
It helps to:
• comprehend the anatomy of the intervention, there are different types of incisions made.
• the importance of resting and limited movement in the first stage of recovery,
• the need for pelvic rehabilitation and the importance of scar massage.

Keeping the health and wellness of the individual as the upmost importance when being of service and providing a service.



Humans are hard wired to survive. Ask any person when birthing their priority is the survival of their baby and themselves. There is always freedom of choice. Whether you have chosen a home water birth, to birth under you’re your favourite tree in your backyard, a selective c -section, or preferred a vaginal birth and it led to c-section, the priority is to preserve life.


I feel deeply passionate about the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of a mother's post birth experience.

And this is why I’m acknowledging that the physical scars left post birth run deeper than just physical. 


"You have free will at all times. Nobody can take that away from you. What they can do is increase the consquences for whatever you choose to do with your free will. – the 'I HAVE TO'…the life philosophy that will ruin your life.’

- Teal Swan


We often disown our free will because we don’t want the pressure and the responsibility of having done something 'wrong'.


C-sections are going to continue to happen under many different circumstances, and will often be a 'call of survival'- not to be shamed, judged or put the fear of god in the chooser.


The natural lore of this place, planet earth; is free will of choice, cause and effect, and choosing as we go.


My wish as a practitioner is for it all to have its place without feeling judged, shamed or having failed, and that there will be an escalation of the consequences by an external source for whatever you choose to do with your free will.

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