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Energetic Medicine

Bush Flower essences and energetic body work assists you in clearing any blocks that stop you getting in touch with your true or higher self...your own intuitive part which knows your connection to purpose.

Supporting clarity, courage, strength, and enthusiasm to follow and pursue your goals and dreams.

Helping you develop a higher level of intuition, self esteem, spirituality, creativity and joy. 

And resolving any overwhelm, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger- distress in your life. 

What to expect in your session: 

Includes: a 20min Bush flower consultation. Learn a short breath meditation, intention setting exercise. 

a 40min; energetic healing session: a fusion of crystal sound bowl healing, drum, white sage or palo santo smudging, reiki, breath work, chakra balancing , pure authentic light channeling and deep healing aromas and properties of.essential oils


You will leave this session feeling calm and clearer in your mind and emotions.

A sense of better relationship, connectedness to yourself and the earth.

Grounded and back in body. 


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