Naturopathic Consultation


Available Tuesday - Saturday   


*Payment plans and concession are available 




What to expect in a Naturopathic consultation with Rebecca:

Rebecca creates a goal-focused treatment plan that utilises herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle education. She apply's this with the use of liquid herbs, individual dietary support, nutritional supplementation, flower essences and homeopathic medicine where needed. This type of treatment plan aims to address underlying dysfunction and restore the body to balance and wellness.

During the initial consultation Rebecca will ask you questions regarding your presenting symptoms, previous health concerns and conditions, diet and lifestyle. In most cases she will also use iridology, nail and tongue diagnosis as well. The goal is to gather as much information about you to create a treatment program that is specific for you.

The initial stage of treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms and stimulating the body’s natural processes to commence healing. The second stage of treatment focuses on eliminating the underlying cause of the condition and supporting your full recovery and long term health. You may require a number of follow-up session, depending on the condition.

In addition, Rebecca has completed numerous workshops including those in Ancient Stone Therapy, Reiki I & II and other energetic medicine/ healing.

Rebecca intuitively calls upon each modality according to the needs of the client.

Each session will move through a sequence that she feels is intuitively right in order to facilitate the highest outcome for each client, this approach to her consultations creates a safe, unique, supportive, and personal way of assisting each client.


The Thirroul Natural Healing Centre has an extensive onsite dispensary, which gives Rebecca access to a wide range of high quality ‘Practitioner Only’ natural medicines.


Pre-Conception or Pregnancy consultations: 

For those clients who are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant or are about to give birth Rebecca is able to assist you with her experiece and training as a doula through her Naturopathic consultations. 


“A Naturopathic approach supports the body systems to function in synergy with each other, addressing the underlying cause of ‘dis-ease’ which in turn supports the body to restore to its intended state of balance without doing any further harm.”



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Areas of Interest

Digestive wellness

Adrenal and Chronic fatigue

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Weight loss or gain 

Liver ‘Spring’ detox programs

Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis

Sleep disturbance; difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep

Restless leg Syndrome

Men's reproductive complaints; libido and infertility

Women’s reproductive complaints; PMS, period pain, irregular periods, heavy period

Food allergies & intolerance

Immune support for children; re-accuring infections eg colds, middle ear infection, tonsilitis