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Top 3 Tips On How To Beat That 3pm Energy Slump

  1. Make sure you have breakfast- yeh yeh..I know, that old chestnut! I understand that not everybody ‘has time’ or feels like eating when they get out of bed, but even if it’s a protein smoothie or an ‘easy to eat’ chia seed pudding- you can prepare the night before. By having breakfast you help your body regulate blood glucose levels for the rest of the day, which is essential after being in fast mode for the last 6-8 hours while you were sleeping. When you skip breakfast you may find you end up overeating at lunchtime, which will cause your blood glucose levels to fluctuate, inevitably contributing to the afternoon slump and lack of productivity and concentration. BONUS: Click here for chia brekkie recipe.

  2. Eat protein with every meal- protein will help you maintain energy levels after you eat, as it is a slow burning when stabilizing blood glucose levels and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Protein sources: lamb, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, mixed nuts, temph, tofu, lentil and legumes, protein powder.

  3. Don’t’ let yourself get hungry- have some protein snacks on hand for between meals if needed, and when you are busy and on the run. This will again help maintain your blood glucose levels and in turn help you sustain your energy and stop you over eating. Protein snack ideas; protein bliss balls, boiled egg, a handful of mixed nuts, chicken drumstick, hummus with carrots and celery.

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