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Surfing The Waves Of Life

Here I am. the irony of growing up and living in a coastal town, loving the ocean. Being able to ‘carve it up’ on a snowboard, but surf. no 😆

I’ve always said “I like the idea, but have never been persistent. Its really hard to learn. It’s takes to much energy. All that hard work paddling, only to get thrown into the drink. And have to do it all again. So exhausting.” The greatest irony, and metaphor for how life feels at times. Those words.

I’m now in my 40th year. I love getting older, (cough) more mature. Ha. love life. the journey to learning how to surf the waves of life is absolutely a consistent learning- no news flash here.

Like all of us ‘mere mortals’. Luminous beings. life is most certainly filled with its curve balls, trials and tribulations. Things not working out as we’d hoped and dreamed. life looking a little different to how we’d imagined it would look 20 years ago. No I don’t have children. And nope I’ve never been married. No cigar. No pity party either. 

I’ve learned through all of ‘this’ life stuff. how to celebrate life. to be into living. How to make those big waves not so big. Or. The way i ride a ‘wave’ being all the same. Big or small. perception. Just an experience. Easier said then done. right. Yep. I loose my cool. Yep. I have a good cry. Often. it’s all apart of it. 

So here I am. surfing. I am on forever changing terrain. Water. Much like feelings & emotions. I’ve found my feet. Through feeling. Truth. Being vulnerable. persisting. -Technique. Style. well I won’t get ahead of myself.

Encouraged to look up. Focus on where I want to go. Power that focus. the rest will follow. You will keep your balance. You will move forward. You will stay afloat. You will turn. You will surf the waves. And with persistence and practice you will be able to surf ‘any’ wave. Sure you might fall off sometimes, and some days more then others. But you will know what to do. And even if you don’t. it will be ok. You will learn. You will experience. You will grow. You will feel it. You will be a surfer. Of life. 

Even in the most roughest of circumstances, being vulnerable, feeling, listening. Resting. Slowing down. Believing. Faith. Builds true resilience. Strength. As humans. we persist to find a way. To survive. To feel alive. Feel our way. Of course I over thought whether a I should share these words with you #vulnerability #fear (I wrote this a month ago) Argh. Self doubt. I feel. It’s an exciting time to be alive, yes even amongst all the tragedy, uncertainty and change in our world, we always have the choice and power within to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. At human pace. Enquire. Through different, for ever changing terrain. Change your approach. Zoom out. Re-Focus. Move your body. Connect. Breathe. Simply. Experience that. Shift. Perspective. Attitude. surf the waves. Live. Life.

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