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7 easy steps to The Vitality Booster- diet, detox and lifestyle program:

So why hit the reset button on your health?

By giving your digestive system, kidneys and liver a break from the weekly intake of foods that are inflammatory and more difficult to digest, you will be helping your body eliminate toxins that have accumulated in many different cells in the body.

It's this accumulation that can leave you feeling sluggish, heavy, irritable and flat.

Having a 2week break from these types of toxins and foods you will notice an improvement in your vitality, energy levels, clearer skin and eyes, better sleep, a decrease in allergies, a smaller appetite and weight loss.

If you are still thinking you'd like to hit the rest button, post Christmas and new years holidays here are the 7 easy steps to my Detox, Diet and Lifestyle program:

Step 1- Choose the two weeks that you'd like to do The Vitality Booster and book in your 3x consultations click here to book

Step 2- In the initial consultation you will receive your introductory pack with all the information you will need for the following two weeks- we will go through the outline of the daily diet and detox routine. You will receive The Vitality Booster recipe book full of a variety of delicious and easy to prepare meals, as well as additional detox and cleansing nutritional remedies, herbs and supplements that will also be support you along the way.

Step 3- Learn how to do Dry Skin brushing ; instructions included.

Step 4- Time to shop- you will receive a shopping list of specifically selected foods that will optimise your results and boost your vitality, by supporting the detoxification process of the liver, kidneys and bowel on a daily basis.

Step 5- (optional) Book in your 3x colonic treatments with Exhale Wellness Spa, Cronulla

Step 6- In your 2nd and 3rd consultation you will receive a re-vitalising head back and neck massage, with the beautiful aromas of the essential oils, with an ear candling and optional chakra balance. As well as learn breathing techniques that will help calm and restore your nervous system.

Step 7- Enjoy! Feel encouraged and supported- Stay in touch via email throughout the 2 weeks

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