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"Trying to balance a high pressure job and a young family was taking a toll on my physical and mental health. I felt tired all the time, irritable and generally quite flat. I was eating anything to justify needing it to keep my energy up, but I didn’t like what it was doing to my overall appearance and it wasn’t actually improving my energy. I finally got to a point where I knew had to change my habits and my outlook if I wanted to get back to being happy, strong and healthy again for me and my family. Rebecca Cook’s Vitality Booster was just what I needed. It did all that and more. Literally within days, I could feel the benefits. I started to sleep better, I woke up with not only more energy, but also with a more positive mindset. My clothes were fitting better again, my skin cleared and I got the sparkle back in my eye. The Vitality Booster has reset my healthy strong body and I now have the tools to keep applying what I have learnt in my everyday life. I feel fantastic and would recommend it to anyone who needs a kick start to a healthier, stronger and happier version of yourself." C. Tindale-Penning


“ I first came to see Rebecca as my energy levels were low and I had concerns about my skin looking tired and lacking vitality. Also an increase in the number of allergic reactions I was having to food was concerning me. 

I was impressed from my first consultation with Rebecca. She thourghly assessed my current state of well being and since then has guided me in improving my diet and lifestyle for better health. Rebecca's approach is extremely caring and her knowledge on the body and its functions gives me confidence in her advice.

It's been so pleasing to have such fantastic results! In just a couple of months family and friends have all commented on how well I look and more importantly I feel energised and encouraged to continue simple daily habits to promote better health.” A. O'Connell 



"Earlier this year I was diagnosed by my GP with reactivated Glandular Fever and told to expect a recovery period similar to my first bout- at least 8 months. Thanks to Rebecca this hasn't been the case. Rebecca's holistic approach to my health has improved my energy levels, recovery time and over all immunity. Looking back on the last couple of months I am convinced I would not have been able to get through work, social and family commitments without this support. To say I am impressed with the overall improvement in my health would be an understatement. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone suffering from lowered immunity." K. Fagan



" Just a quick note to say thanks very much for everything, I must say I have come a long way in such a short space of time. Your knowledge, help and support were invaluable coming up to my wedding. 

In addition to losing so much weight I have never felt or looked better!!! Go Detox!!!

You are a must see for leading a healthier happier life." C.Landers

“I have accessed the naturopathic care of Rebecca Cook for almost 3 years. I instantly liked Rebecca on meeting for the first time, and appreciated her wide knowledge and genuine concern. Having let myself go at 50, I loved Rebeccas non-judgemental approach (I was judging myself enough), and slowly in do-able steps and with her support I picked up my life again.

 I would recommend Rebecca without hesitation and it is good to know that I have Rebeccas services as a touchstone in the future if I require the support" David



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