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Pre-Conception & Natural   Fertility Care

 'Every mother wants a healthy pregnancy and baby, and the good news is that with healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices you can positively affect your pregnancy, birthing experience and baby’s health.’


Naturopathic Preconception care:

• Is a unique opportunity to influence your child’s future health, and even that of their children.

• Providing optimum nutrition during preconception increases your chances of conceiving.

• During pregnancy it supports your health and the growth and development of your baby

• In breastfeeding it supports your recovery and the ongoing development of your child.


During pregnancy the demand for nutrients is increased to meet the needs of your growing baby and your own body. Many women ‘eat for two’, often consuming foods high in calories and low in nutritional value.

Rebecca will prescribe a natal multi-nutritional formulation to increase your intake of key vitamins and minerals during these times to support healthy conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, along with diet and lifestyle advice

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